sea of voices

Oh Lord

Oh God

It’s here again

Shaking, can’t hear my heart

Screaming over the sound of the

Throbbing in my ears




Want to go back there don’t

Want to sink again don’t

Want to hear you say

No child, don’t

Want you to stop me but

I do.


Answer, would it

Kill you to take this fear and

Kill my weakness

Bind up my hands and dress my

Wounds and take me out of this battle I can’t

Fight much longer


Stop up my ears and stop these

Voices can’t hear your

voice in all these

Sounds I claw my way through


And in turn find



I am in hell. You are God and yet

You are here with me I can

Feel you but I can’t see you


I need a sign a

Something to show me you haven’t

Left me

Here in this sea of voices


You understand, friend, the only

Way I can drown them out is this

Death of mine I’ve found

Can you smile and nod and



I’m waterlogged in this sea of

Voices won’t take much longer to

Finally drown them out





and yet.

Yet we both know that’s a

Lie Lord take this

Desire take this

Death take these voices

So I can hear yours again


I’m halfway


drowning in a sea of



2 responses to “sea of voices

  1. Hey, I deleted my blog, so you can take down the link.

  2. WOW! That was GREAT!

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